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If You Had the Power To Travel Through Time...

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I'm guilty of being a little selfish and will say that the first thing I'd do is un-do some of the mistakes and heartbreaks of my past. Don't get me wrong, traveling through time in order to prevent atrocities and cataclysms, or make others believe you've got some crazy prescience going on, are all interesting, but it struck me while reading the submissions for the MASTERS OF TIME anthology how some of these wonderful stories centered on: I want to save someone I loved and lost. I want to avoid that tragic day.

Whether it's through a fantastical power given to us, or future technology that makes leaps and bounds, the concept of time travel in a story isn't new, but I'm certain you will find each unique story in the anthology entertaining and thought-provoking.

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MASTERS OF TIME will be released this summer.

--Alesha Escobar

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