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A Clone Will Usurp His Destiny #MastersofTime

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 Logan is a clone in a future United Americas, but one day he wakes up and experiences something he had never encountered before, and it turns his world upside down.

As he begins questioning his own emotions and humanity, he also questions his makers--and then it gets dangerous. 

I think readers will connect with it because we all ponder from time to time questions and theoretical situations such as what to do with the power to control time, or what is it that makes us truly human? 

There's a super-cool science fiction bent to the story, a bit of humor, as well as action and suspense. You're going to love it!

How close do you think we are to actually achieving time travel (if at all)?
I've recently come across several scientific articles tackling the question. Some say it's possible, and some say "you'll paradox yourself and blow up." It's all very fascinating. 

I have to admit, it's hard to wrap my mind around it being a possibility. Could you imagine? Who would be in control or in charge of Time Travel if it were ever possible? It sounds adventurous and amazing, but at the same time, humanity doesn't have the best track record, so we more than likely would mess some things up.

But goodness, the selfish part of me is like, "Heck yes, time travel!" because if I could do that, then I would go back and try to fix so many things from the past.

Where did you look for inspiration while writing your time travel short story?

I'm a huge fan of Dr. Who, and I love the idea of time travel, going to different worlds, etc. but you know when you sit down to watch an episode, there's (often) going to be a moral to the story, or a hard decision that has to be made, wars fought, and sometimes laughter and tears. I wanted my time travel story to have a secondary layer that brings up some of the "big questions" in the context of a future world and time travel. I couldn't tell you how I settled on my protagonist being a clone--but it worked out great, so I won't complain.

If you stumbled upon the secret to time travel, would you share it with others (why or why not)?

Geez, it's hard for me to keep a secret. Don't make me answer this!

What was the best part about writing a time travel tale? The most challenging?

The best part was getting into the groove of writing sci-fi--I've just finished a fantasy trilogy and did another fantasy short story, so this time, I decided to go the science fiction route. This was a great experience. The most challenging part was doing the research and making sure the "science" of my story made sense to me.

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