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A Time Travel Story About Love And Loss: Author Interview with H.M. Jones

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We caught up with Masters of Time contributor H.M. Jones and asked her a few questions about her story (and where we can stalk her online). If you're just now hearing about our upcoming short story anthology, thank you for visiting, and welcome! Please like our Facebook Page and stay in touch, as we will be updating you about the collection, and don't forget to enter our giveaway today.

Well, besides the giveaway, we're excited about the launch of this sci-fi & fantasy time travel anthology because of the insanely talented authors who are contributing to it. One of them is H.M. Jones, and we wanted to share the title of her short story, her thoughts on time travel, and what other books she has available.

Author Interview: H.M. Jones

Thank you for joining us today, H.M. What story did you contribute to the Masters of Time anthology, and why do you think people will connect with it?

My contribution to this wonderful anthology is entitled "The Light Storm of 2015". My story will most likely draw readers who are interested in tales of a personal nature. Ben and Gina's story is a time travel story, yes, but it's primarily about their burgeoning feelings for one another and the ways in which they struggle with issues of love, loss and mourning.

How close do you think we are to actually achieving time travel (if at all)?

I'm a much better writer than astrophysicist, but I'll take a stab at the question anyway. At the moment, humans are unable to travel at the speed of light, so I think we're probably a long way off from time travel. That said, we now have the ability to channel our inner James Bond and communicate via a watch, so maybe technology will move faster than I imagine.

Where did you look for inspiration while writing your time travel short story?

I'm so happy you asked this, so I can give proper credit to the inspiration of my daily exercise in writing. I am a part of a wonderful Google+ social community called Geekscapes. In this community, our moderator shares daily pictures from some of the most talented geek artists of today. Our community has many avid sci-fi and fantasy geeks who write stories about some of the pictures, myself included. 

Ben and Gina's story started as a mini tale about a lovely piece of art that showed a yellow crop duster facing a brilliant display of swirling lights. After writing what is now the first four paragraphs of my short story, my fellow Google+ geeks democratically decided that I was not done by tagging me several times asking, "What happens next, +H.M.Jones?" I tend to listen to my geek friends' insights, so I figured out what happened next for this anthology.

If you stumbled upon the secret to time travel, would you share it with others (why or why not)?

I would share it with my best friend and husband, Mr. Jones. He's a very smart man, who is highly interested in space and time travel, but not for the story aspect of it, as I am. He is more interested in the science behind it all. He would likely be the one to keep me from jumping willy-nilly into various time periods to meet my favorite authors. I imagine more people are the type to do as I would do and ruin lives across the space-time continuum, so it might be best if that secret were kept between the two of us.

What was the best part about writing a time travel tale? The most challenging?

For me, the best and most challenging aspect of writing time travel is the same: writing science fiction. I'm primarily a contemporary fantasy writer and lean towards reading contemporary and high fantasy. However, Ben and Gina's story had a life of its own, and that life included time travel and wormholes. Who am I to deny my story its chosen path? It was a nice challenge to wear the hat of science fiction author, and I hope I did it justice.

Where can we find out more about you?

After writing my debut novel, I went crazy with the social networks, so you will find me smattered across the web on almost ever imaginable social network.

However, the social sites I use most are:

I also have an author website, which I update regularly: hmjones.net. I love hearing from readers and fans.


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  1. Great to meet a fellow geek. Can't wait to read your story.

  2. Devorah, I'm very excited as well. We have some amazing stories lined up.