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Ghosts of Time: Betrayal and Intrigue #timetravel

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If Samantha LaFantasie has created a world for you to step into, you'll probably want to be prepared for a wild (and addictive) ride. 

She has penned the USA Today bestselling fantasy, Heart Song, as well as the action-packed, futuristic Nepherium novellas.

For the upcoming Masters of Time collection, Samantha has crafted Ghosts of Time, a time travel story that will keep you on the edge of your seat and wanting more. We caught up with Samantha to ask her about her story, her thoughts on time travel, and what inspires her.

How close do you think we are to actually achieving time travel (if at all)?

I don't know, it's neat to think about. I know we've obtained some pretty stellar advances in just my time and I know that the technology scientists are mastering right now is getting closer and closer to understanding the more complex ideals such as time travel and space travel, so who knows? I think it's possible. Whether that's something that will actually happen or not remains to be seen.

Where did you look for inspiration while writing your time travel short story?

Shows like Continuum, Dr. Who, Time Cop, The Time Machine, etc., plus my own fascination with time travel and science fiction.

If you stumbled upon the secret to time travel, would you share it with others (why or why not)?

I am not sure. Ideally, yes. But people are easily corrupt, and the power that would time travel, especially in the wrong hands, could eventually destroy the world or change it in ways that would benefit only certain people than humanity as a species.

What was the best part about writing a time travel tale? The most challenging?

The best part was getting to know new characters and what they had to say. The hardest part was figuring out how to fit such a detail-rich story in a short story.

Where can we find out more about you?

I'm EVERYWHERE! *belts out evil laugh*

You can find me on:

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 As always, Samantha, it's been fun chatting! Folks, don't forget to check out her other books which are now available at Amazon, and if you haven't entered our massive giveaway, do it today!

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