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Time Has Fallen Into Unlikely Hands #amreading #kindle #scifi

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Today, Time falls into unlikely hands. The stories we're sharing with you are dangerous, beautiful, awe-inspiring, and downright freaky. The Masters of Time sci-fi & fantasy short story collection features imaginative and addictive time travel stories from bestselling and talented authors, and I'm inviting you to grab your copy today at Amazon for only 99¢ before it goes up to regular price!  




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My first clue time travel could be possible was in the barber's chair the day before my girlfriend's funeral.
--Staring Into, Timothy C. Ward

Lifting my hands from the keyboard, I fold them in my lap and tilt back my desk chair. I think, I could do it. I could turn back time.
--Turning The Tide, Devorah Fox

MOT-Avi Sometimes he’d dream of hunting for Adam the Usurper twenty years in the future, or of Doctor Simmons sending Aero to burrow into his head and steal his most secret thoughts and desires.

--Logan 6, Alesha Escobar


10866217_10204767249679315_7730593836720523250_oJanuary took a breath, realizing it had been a cause from her holding it in, trying to work through the puzzle she faced. If he’s a Ghost, why was she sent on a mission to kill him? --Ghosts of Time, Samantha LaFantasie    

11037780_10204780433408900_5729915344050142254_o-1But nothing compared to the reality of the magnificent Light Storm of 2015, nothing, that is, except the almond shaped emerald eyes of his passenger.
--Light Storm of 2015, H.M. Jones

Madison, or “Maddie,” as she preferred, wondered what could be at the end of that road.
--End of the Road, Alice Marks


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