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What Makes it a Fantasy?

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What Makes It a Fantasy? Further Thoughts

© 2015 by Devorah Fox (Published with permission)

  Last year as I prepared for the launch of The King’s Redress, Book Three in The Bewildering Adventures of King Bewilliam epic fantasy series, I ruminated on what makes a story a fantasy as opposed to general fiction. 

Fiction is about made-up stuff. That’s why it’s fiction and not nonfiction. I asked myself, is a work considered Fantasy simply by virtue of the degree to which the fiction is imaginative? This year, my short story Turning the Tide was accepted for publication in Masters of Time. 

It’s a Sci-Fi and Fantasy anthology and I found myself pondering the difference between the two genres. I’ve seen the proposition that Science Fiction explores the possible, albeit improbable, while Fantasy explores the impossible, but I wouldn’t agree. I don’t see a clear distinction between imagining a world that includes aliens versus one that includes werewolves. Ray Bradbury, whose work falls into both genres, suggested that science fiction is a logical projection of the future.


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